Warehouse Lead

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Maintain accurate inventory at all times by properly receiving an incoming product and accurately shipping items from inventory

Reporting To:
VP of Operations

4 accountabilities:

  • Manage Inventory
    • Conduct and record regular inventory counts
    • Report any discrepancies to vendors and/or management
    • Double check all fulfillments and receipts for accuracy
  • Process Daily Shipments
    • Package and ship orders based on client’s expectations
    • Ship all ‘stock’ orders same day or next day, depending on inventory availability
    • Ensure that all shipments leaving the warehouse have signed fulfillments
  • Logistics
    • Determine best method of shipment for all orders that need to be shipped
    • Schedule Millennium deliveries on shipping calendar one week in advance
    • Add markup to fulfillments
    • Note tracking on fulfillments at the time of fulfillment
  • Inventory Recommendations
    • Work with Sales team to determine what products need to be kept in stock in assigned market; ensure those items are always stocked & available
    • Recommend the most efficient route for shipments to conserve time and fuel

Daily Expectations:

  • Ensure shipments are in accordance with shipment schedule
  • Arrange a delivery schedule
  • Receive and properly put away inventory

Weekly Expectations:

  • Clear yard and warehouse according to standards

Monthly Expectations: 

  • 100% of orders ship on time
  • Inventory is counted and accurate on a quarterly basis
  • Inventory is received and shelved within 4 (four) hours of receipt