Client Support Specialist

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The role, defined:

The Client Support Specialist Role is responsible for delivering on the promises Millennium makes to our clients. As facilitator and communicator of all post sale order processing, the Client Support Specialist ensures that we will deliver the right products, within the time frame that committed to. The Client Support Specialist  is the structure to make sure that this happens with every sale.



  • Coordinate the successful, on time shipment of items after the sale is made. Essentially be a concierge for our clients to make sure that Millennium is delivering the right product, on time and communicating in a manner that each unique client prefers
    • Based on the expectations and prior communications, determine if the client can work around the new ship date
    • Manage logistical options for the expediting of the materials with the vendor, carrier or warehouse
    • Provide the client options of an alternative product that is in stock at Millennium or one of our vendors
    • Provide the client with the option of an alternative vendor that can help them meet their expected timelines. 
    • Communicate with a competitor to find a solution for our client; either to purchase on our clients behalf or refer the client to the competitor who may be able to help them meet deadlines
    • Communicate with local key client to see if they have any stock material that we can buy or borrow from them and replace as needed
    • Communicate (email, call or text based on client preference) the expected ship date of each line item on an order within 48 hours of processing the order. An item fulfillment with tracking should be sent to the client upon product shipment using their preferred method. The Client Support Specialist should be aware of any commitments and communicate all exceptions with the client.
    • Input expected ship date on drop ship items within 48 hours – this will be visible on the client portal immediately
    • Input drop ship tracking information provided by the vendor within 24 hours of shipment 
    • Input expected ship dates and tracking info on stock shipments within 12 hours – this will be visible on the client portal immediately
    • Input expected ship dates of incoming stock shipments within 48 hours of the purchase order
    • Communicate the exceptions to the ship dates as quickly as possible, and provide possible solutions:
    • Communicate with vendors leading up to the expected ship date to confirm that expectations are going to be met. As long as the products are on schedule there is no need to update the client until shipment, but regular communication with the vendors, portals and reps is required to ensure that we are delivering on Millennium promises.
  • Incoming calls
    • Handle basic quotes with the assistance of the appropriate salesperson
    • Process sales orders from quotes when clients or sales people call in to initiate the sale
  • Process online orders for the designated market
  • Collect required data for RMAs and VRAs per Millennium guidelines
    • Submit complete data to the approval staff per Millennium Guidelines
  • Review new items entered by their team in NS
    • Remove duplicates
    • Accuracy – description, vendor info, weight & dims
    • Completeness
  • Update client/contact changes in Netsuite. Make sure that contacts are listed under the correct entities and not duplicated as they move between clients
  • Transfer orders. Input transfer orders as needed per the Millennium guidelines
  • Process credit cards at the local market for walk in orders
  • Expedite credit process between the client and accounting
  • Manage a maximum of 750 lines of products at  any given time. A market needs to average more than 600 lines to have a dedicated Client Support Specialist. 


  • Client satisfaction
  • Order Management
  • Process execution
  • Data integrity 
  • In person order processing

Action Frequency:

  • Review the weekly scorecard created by market managers for client satisfaction and on time shipments relative to commitment dates
  • Weekly review of open RMAs with market manager
  • Weekly L10 meeting with the local market/team
  • Daily update of all sales order with expected ship dates and tracking information using vendor portals, consolidated emails and other methods to determine expected ship dates
  • Daily review of expected ship dates vs actual ship dates
  • Track and report the average number of lines managed per week to the market manager

Role metrics

  • 90%+ on time ship dates defined as Fulfillment date matches Initial Ship Date 
  • 95% of drop ship orders have estimated ship dates entered within 48 hours
  • 100% of stock shipments have ship dates and applicable tracking information entered within 12 hours
  • 100% of contact changes are completed